Handmake Your Holidays

Handmake Your Holidays

This year, instead of buying a whole buncha crap that no one really needs, we challenge you to give handmade gifts and the gift of experiences! Don’t worry; we have lots of ideas for you.

idea number one: take a workshop to make a finished gift

In our workshops, you’ll leave with a beautiful project that would make a great gift.  How about a screenprinted tote bag or tshirtcustom soapchocolate barsa ceramic dish*, a macrame wall hanging or plant hanger? Wanna really go crazy? Screenprint a design and then use it to sew a tote bag!  What about chocolate, in a tote bag that you sewed, that features a design you printed. Whoa.

Only sending cards? May we suggest a modern calligraphy or brush lettering workshop to glamour the recipients? Or take the class and then make stationary sets as your gifts!

idea number two: come to our Handmake Your Holidays Pop-up on December 17th, 11am-2pm

If you need to knock out a bunch of gifts at once, take advantage of our holiday pop-up (info below)! Our vendors will have wares ready to go, or work with them on quick projects to make your own.

idea number three: give a gift certificate

Gift certificates can be used for regular crafting, workshops, or items in our shop! (Money may not buy happiness, but you can spend money in ways that make you happier than other ways.)

idea number four: do whatever you want in open crafting

Come on in during our regular hours to make your own cards, wrapping paper, or whatever you can imagine.

*Ceramic pieces do require two weeks for firing in the kiln.

the Handmake Your Holidays Pop-Up

a make / take art and gifts market


Maman Sucre
Zen Soap
Hound and C. Muire
Srsly chocolate
The Aquariust / Bethany Solonika
Kara Cotta
and more

Ready-to-go gifts will be available, or work with our artisans to make your own soap, chocolate truffles, bath salts, shibori dyed towels, ceramic ornaments, holiday and thank you cards, and more.

Stroll in and out, enjoy coffee and morning drinks 😉 , and take care of all your gifts!


make your own wrapping paper


P.S. What’s your favorite handmade/homemade gift you’ve ever received or made/given?

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