we’re hiring!

We’re hiring for two positions:

CRAFT hosts

hours: 7 to 16 hours per week on Friday 2pm – 9pm and/or Saturday noon – 9pm, with additional hours week by week if desired

responsibilities: welcoming and supporting guests, crafting table + general studio cleanup

This is a customer service position! Ideal candidates are positive, resourceful, crafty, patient, outgoing when you want to be, and flexible. Working with guests in the studio can be fast paced.


organizer of chaos

hours: 2 to 5 hours per week according to your own schedule, outside of regular studio hours

We do a lot of cleaning at the studio, and it’s often hard for us to keep up. The person who takes on this gig will have access to the studio to come and go when you please, to do the day-to-day cleanup that we can get so behind on when we’re helping guests. This is more sorting stamps, refilling glues, and organizing the junkyard, with a little bit of traditional cleaning like sweeping. Just go in whenever you want before we open / after we’re closed and help us get ready for the days ahead. This is a great position for a night owl or morning lark who maybe doesn’t like to people all that much and would relish a few hours alone just organizing the studio.


to apply

Use the form here and send us a text (5129009957) or message on social media to tell us to look out for your submission (@madeatcraft on FB and insta)!