We’ve moved online!

CRAFT workshops are about learning a new skill or making an awesome project, in an intimate and non-judgmental setting, with a local artist or artisan. We build long-term partnerships with our passionate teachers, and we collaborate with them to develop workshops for our community. We offer all sorts of classes, from classic art subjects such as watercoloring, to more DIY projects like making pickles just the way you like them.

During this time of physical distancing and sheltering-in-place, we still need social lives and hobbies! We’re continuing our workshops virtually. Like our in-studio classes, our online classes are small and very interactive, so that you can work directly with the teacher. We require advance reservations because many of our classes, online and in-person, sell out. For online classes, we’ll provide all supplies that aren’t regular household items (like scissors; we aren’t going to send you scissors unless you specifically tell us you need them).

As with our in-studio classes, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to join, so we’re doing door delivery of workshop kits. CRAFT was founded on the idea of “not everyone needs to own everything,” so we’re also trying to send you exactly what you need for a workshop. We’re part of the sharing economy, and rather than include a whole pad of expensive watercolor paper in your kit when you don’t know if you’re ready to make that leap, we’re including enough sheets for you to take the class and continue a bit more practice on your own. Then, if you love it, be in touch and we’ll get you more supplies!