We are crafty experts, and we’re happy to put our skills to work to make your gifts the most presentable (see what we did there!) gifts under the tree!

wrapping services start at $6 a gift


The average American spends more than 3 hours wrapping holiday gifts — but begrudgingly. According to a very reliable and important poll referenced in People, for 52% of Americans, wrapping gifts is the worst part of the holiday season.

So why wrap at all? First, we know experiences are more important than things, and opening presents is a whole thing! Second, it’s tradition. Third, it turns a thing into a gift.

But the wrapping can actually have a positive or negative effect on how the gift is received! Recent research from the University of Nevada indicates that in friendships, sloppy wrapping leads to the recipient’s greater satisfaction with the gift!

So, you obviously have to have a carefully considered wrapping tactic for every person you’re gifting to! And another thing that you likely want to take into account is the environmental impact of wrapping. We end up with 2 million pounds of wrapping materials in the landfills every year, and a lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable! And recycling is only supposed to be the third option, after reducing and reusing.

CRAFT can help you on those counts: we have second-hand-but-unused wrapping paper, used wrapping paper, and so many wrapping alternatives like maps. There is literally no need for you to buy anything new for the purpose of wrapping; we have it all. Use us! Come in during our regular hours, and you’ll find so many wrapping materials in our all-you-can-make buffet. We’ll even help you out with cards or gift tags.

Or if you are absolutely want to avoid wrapping, let us do it for you! We love being extra, so our wrapping service offers options like neat vs. sloppy and traditional vs. creative wrapping. For example, to wrap a gift creatively, we might use fake fur instead of paper and Mardi Gras beads instead of ribbon.


self-service buffet gift wrapping: $5 cover fee plus a donation for the experience of using our studio*

teeny gifts like jewelry: $6
small gifts like a book: $9
medium gifts like a puzzle or board game: $12
large gifts and unusually shaped gifts by quote

*Pricing for our all-you-can-make buffet for individual crafters or smaller groups. For groups of 5 or more, we have flat rate pricing of $35 per person.

just bring your gifts in during these hours

We’ll have them wrapped and ready for pick up within 4 business days. Rush service may be available for an additional fee.

During the holiday season, we recommend checking our calendar here. Unless “special hours” are noted, our gift drop-off hours are as follows:

Sunday: noon to 7pm
Monday + Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 4-7pm
Thursday + Friday: 2-7pm
Saturday: noon-7pm
other times by appointment

call or text us with questions: 512-900-9957!

4 gifts creatively and beautifully wrapped by a crafter
beautifully wrapped gifts, one with red paper and white rope bow and one with neon pink paper and a paper flower on top
one gift wrapped in red paper with pink quilled hearts standing upright on top