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December 21

What is this? Handmake Your Holidays is a DIY market. We bring in some of our teachers and favorite local artisans, and rather than purchasing their handmade wares, you make your own with their help!

How is this different than a workshop? For a workshop, everyone starts at the same time and follows along with the teacher. At Handmake Your Holidays, rather than go through the whole process of a craft from start to finish, our artisans have it all set up for you to just do it. For example, in our soap from scratch workshop, you would measure out ingredients, wearing goggles and a breathing mask for your safety. At the market, the soap batter is all ready to go for you to mix in your scents and any scrubby things like coffee grinds. Pour it into a mold, and you’re done with that gift!

What sort of projects can I do? This year, you can make these projects in collaboration with our artisans!

* candles in vintage vessels with Taylor from Candle Ghoul * bookmarks and tassel keychains with Jillian from Simmang Design * homemade pickles with Pickle My Fancy * custom perfume and beard oil with Forza de Vie * bath salts and body scrubs with Maman Sucre *  fancy bar soap with Moore Soap Company * shibori indigo dyed tea towel sets with Bethany from The Aquariust * and more!

We think we have a pretty broad range to cover all of your gifting needs!

How does it work? Come on in (no door charge), and wander around to check out the options. At the door, each guest will receive a menu/check, and as you make your gifts, the artists will add notes to your menu. Before you leave, we’ll check you out based on the projects that you did.

I know your workshops are usually an hour and a half or more. How long will these projects take? You can come for just an hour and knock out ten handmade gifts! All the DIY holiday cred; none of the mess or stress. These projects are designed to take no more than 10 minutes each, although you could spend a while at just one station, if you choose to do that project lots of times (like if you want to give everyone on your list their own bath salts).