unlimited crafting membership

  • unlimited crafting! during regular CRAFT hours
  • snacks and drinks
  • $40 per month plus tax
  • three month minimum (Your card will be charged automatically, just like a Netflix membership for which you get billed once a month.)
  • Your card will be charged monthly until you cancel after the 3 month minimum, by emailing CRAFT.
  • no commercial crafting


maker membership

  • for makers who sell
  • includes non consumable tools but bring your own consumable supplies (For example, a painter could use the studios brushes, water jar, apron, easels, tables, etc. but would bring her own paint)
  • access to the studio and tools during crafting hours on weekdays; no weekend access
  • $15 per month plus tax (your card will be charged monthly until you cancel by emailing CRAFT.)


coworking summer special

  • for people who want more access to the studio and want to work on regular work at the studio
  • summer special: $10 per week plus tax (your card will be charged weekly until you cancel or the special ends)
  • includes casual crafting! When you get writer’s block or you’ve been staring at your screen too long, play with glitter or get your hands dirty with clay.
  • coworking hours: M, W, Th, Fr 9am-8pm; Tuesday 9am-2pm
  • CRAFT reserves the right to close the studio for private events up to 5 times per month.