Knit Pencil Skirt Sewing

April 30, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

The pencil skirt is a true classic. First introduced by Christian Dior, it quickly became a sought after look. This look has held up over the years and now this is something you are able to make and wear yourself. I have seen several variations of the pencil skirt and after some adjustments and long nights in the studio, I have found that this can be made quite simple for someone that has is familiar with sewing, but is still new to sewing with knits. In this class you will receive a pattern all your own, and once we do a quick fitting, minor pattern adjustments can be made so you can make a great fitted pattern over and over again!


This class is for the confident beginner who is already very familiar with machine basics, has some sewing experience, but is looking for a little bit more of a challenge and a dip into the world of sewing with knits!


All materials must be purchased before the class. Items are not available for purchase at CRAFT



  • Sewing machine must have zig zag capabilities (if not, choose the rent option)
  • Knit fabric (see information below)
  • Jersey sewing needle
  • Matching Thread
  • Optional: If you have an overlock machine (serger), feel free to bring it with you!
  • Optional: Twin needle for double needle topstitch (requires second spool of thread and spool pin, email if unsure)


Fabric amounts and pattern size are based on your measurements. Amounts are also based on 58” wide fabric. If the fabric you choose to use is not this wide, you will need more. Fabric must have at least a 25% stretch.


Choose your size based on the information below. You will need to measure yourself or have someone measure you. • If you do not fall into any of the listed size categories, email me and I will see what I can do to get you something that works.

Waist 22.5-23 in. 24-25.5 in 26-27.5in 28-29.5 30-32in 33-35in
High Hip 28-29in 30-32in 32-34in 35-37in 37-39in 40-42in
Hip 33.5-35in 35-36in 37-38in 39-40in 41-43in 44-45in
Thighs 20in 21-21.25in 21.25-22in 22-23.5in 24-25in 25-26in


Size Amount of fabric needed for just above knee skirt Amount of fabric needed for just below knee skirt
XS 1 yd 1.25yd
S 1 yd 1.25yd
M 1 yd 1.25yd
L 1.25 yd 1.5yd
XL 1.25 yd 1.5yd
XXL 1.25 yd 1.5yd